Community of Hope

Trained lay chaplains serve in this pastoral care ministry, visiting those members of the congregation and others who are either homebound, in the hospital, or in a retirement or nursing home community. The COH mission at Pohick is to take Christ’s love to those in need of comfort and presence by establishing a community of lay chaplains who are united in prayer, inspired by Benedictine spirituality, and equipped with skills for pastoral care ministry.

The focus is on the ministry of presence and prayer, engaging in the simple, profound healing act of listening. “Care of the sick must rank above and before all else so they may truly be served as Christ, who said, ‘I was sick and you visited me” (Matt 25:36; The Rule of Benedict, Chapter 36). During the pandemic, CoH has created the Pohick Pastoral Phone Tree. Please contact Rev. Lynn or the coordinator, Nancy Bireley, if you perceive a calling.