Barbara Lynn

Barbara Lynn

Children in kindergarten through grade 4 sing under Barbara Lynn’s experienced and knowledgeable direction.

Ms. Lynn is a longtime member of Pohick Church. Her family moved to Lorton in 1963, and she has been at Pohick Church for most of her life. Her family were regular attendees, and she went to kindergarten at Pohick Church. Ms. Lynn attended Sunday school and joined the Junior Choir, as it was known back then, in 4th grade. In 9th grade, she joined the Senior Choir (Choir of Pohick) and remained in it through 12th grade.

Ms. Lynn was one of the first female acolytes at Pohick Church. She has performed in Pohick shows such as “Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat” and “Cool in the Furnace.” She started assisting with Vacation Bible School music while in high school, playing the guitar for various classes.

Ms. Lynn studied music at James Madison University and graduated with a BMED degree. She is certified as an Orff Schulwerk teacher and has 30 years of music teaching experience as of 2020. Ms. Lynn sings in the Choir of Pohick and is a founding member of the Pohick Pickers, one of Pohick’s musical ensembles.

She plays many instruments — four types of recorders, violin, piano, guitar, ukulele, some banjo and organ. Ms. Lynn loves to sing in the Choir of Pohick and the Pohick Pickers, and she has also performed solos during Pohick services. Ms. Lynn has been the Vacation Bible School music counselor for many years and the Director of the St. Francis Choir since 1996.

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