New Seminarian, Shrinemont Parish Retreat, and Potential Phased Re-Opening

Dear Beloved Pohickians: I am happy to announce that we will again welcome a Virginia Theological (VTS) seminarian this Fall at Pohick: Adam Lees, from Anchorage Alaska. I have attached his biographical information for you to read. Adam will join us in September. Meanwhile, as you read in Bishop Susan Goff’s recent diocesan correspondence, Roslyn Diocesan Conference Center has ceased operations until…

Pohick Post • May 2020

I’d like to give a shout out to Carmel Hodge and Lori Buckius, who haven’t missed a beat in producing beautiful, information-packed newsletters during the pandemic! I also thank the faithful contributors to the Post, and all of you who continue to connect and love one another through these difficult times!