Worship and Prayer

Worship and Prayer

Our broad-church Anglican worship is based on the original English Book of Common Prayer written in the 16th century and updated in contemporary language. The BCP features a Daily Prayer Office based on English monasticism, as well as services of Holy Eucharist (Communion) and other sacraments. Anglican worship style, true to its “via media,” or “middle way” ethos, balances the Sacrament (Eucharist) and the Word (Scripture readings and preaching). Anglican polity balances lay ministry and ordained ministry. The Reverend Dr. Diane G. Murphy, presently presides over worship. Lay Ministers lead various ministries, some listed below.

Pohick Church models and practices the necessity for prayer through the Kiki Coderre Contemplative Prayer Ministry, Spiritual Reflections, Community of Hope practices, Lenten Programs and Speakers, an annual Family Spiritual Retreat, and weekly prayer lists.

Watch Pohick’s previous Rector, the Very Rev. Lynn Ronaldi speak about Worship and Prayer at Pohick Church.


Serving as an acolyte affords our young people an opportunity to express their devotion by serving at the Altar and may be the means of creating a deeper faith in those who might otherwise have but a casual interest in the Church. Membership is open to students beginning in the 3rd grade through high school. A period of instruction or training is conducted annually. Neil Hogg, director. Please contact Neil at seniorwarden@pohick.org

Altar Guild

A voluntary group whose ministry is to care for the altar, vessels and altar linens. Members prepare for all Eucharistic services, as well as baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and funerals. It is a privilege to serve at the Altar and members consider their work as an offering to God. Looking for young as well as more mature adults called to this ministry. Judy Sunderland, director.

Watch a video from Judy Sunderland giving a brief description about Pohick’s Altar Guild.

Flower Guild

The Flower Guild arranges for the flowers used at the Altar. This committed group is responsible for decorating the sanctuary for Sunday services, festival days, weddings, and funerals. We welcome new members and would be delighted to train newbies in flower arranging! Susan Pehrsson, director. spehrsson@pohick.org

Kiki Coderre Prayer Group

The Kiki Coderre Prayer Ministry meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, from 2 – 3:30 pm in the Vestry House.  All are welcome. Contacts are Charlotte Knipling, Carolyn Cockcroft and Mari Harding.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs)

The LEMs consist of communicants in good standing, who are approved by, and serve under the direction of the Rector. They participate regularly in the Sunday morning services, and at other times such as the Daily Offices, the Stations of the Cross, funerals, Holy Week services, etc. Mike Elston, Coordinator

Music at Pohick

Music plays an important part in the worship of God, amplifying the lectionary, supporting the liturgy, calling all to prayer, and inspiring and encouraging those present to faithfully live their Christian calls in the world. Dan Catalanotto, Minister of Music.

New members of all the Pohick music groups are always welcome. Click here to learn more about the Music of Pohick Church.


The tellers are volunteers who take responsibility for seeing that all Sunday collections are properly accounted for and safely deposited in the bank so they can be used for the ministries of the church. Mike Morgan, coordinator


With the spirit of Invite Welcome Connect, the ushers greet arriving parishioners, direct persons to their seats, lend assistance when needed, direct the flow of communicants to and from the altar, distribute alms basins and return offerings to the altar, and answer questions about the church. These functions are performed as unobtrusively as possible with the dignity appropriate to worship and with an attitude of thanksgiving. David Billingsley, Head Usher.

Watch Dave Billingsley talk about the Usher ministry by clicking here.

Wedding Guild

Under the direction of Rev. Lynn Ronaldi, wedding coordinators manage wedding day details, reception, photos, etc. with the bride, groom, and families. Dotty Godley, director; Pamela Nelson, coordinator.