Living History

Living History

Pohick Church treasures its nearly 300-year history. The original wood-frame church was built down the street in 1732 . The current colonial structure was completed in 1774, two years before the Revolutionary War. George Washington was a lifetime member of Pohick Church, and many patriots like him were leaders on our Vestry. Colonial Virginia farmers, merchants, politicians, and others would gather at Pohick Church, traveling for miles to experience God’s presence here, as well as community fellowship, Christian education, and care of the poor. Pohick suffered setbacks as well: a Revolutionary War, cutting ties with the Church of England, the occupation of a destructive Army during the Civil War, and countless epidemics and wars.

Today Pohick faces another national challenge and we do so with the Spirit of our patriot ancestors. As much as we appreciate and treasure our physical historic church – we are increasingly mindful that it has always been Pohick’s strong sense of community as the Body of Christ – gathering with or without walls – that we value most. Our unbreakable bond in the Holy Spirit is what unifies Pohick Church and always has.

George Mason visits Pohick Church! Watch him talk about his time at Pohick.


Under the direction of the Rector, Pohick Cemetery Warden cares for the cemetery, manages business of cemetery, coordinates burials with families, provides support, and coordinates with funeral homes. Click here to visit our Cemetery page. Sandra Caesar, Cemetery Warden.

Docent Guild

Members of this group are schooled in the history of Pohick Church. Its members take turns giving guided tours of our historic building on Sunday mornings, tours on the 1st Saturday of each month, and at special events and requested group tours. John Egan & Fred Crawford, chairs.

Historic Pohick Church Foundation

Formally known as the Pohick Church Endowment Fund Inc., this organization is a nonprofit charitable corporation that was established in 1983 for the purpose of maintaining and restoring the historic Pohick Church building. The goal of the Endowment Fund is to provide a source of funds to ensure the continued viability of Pohick Church without unduly burdening the operating funds of the parish. Rev. Lynn and Micheyl Bartholomew are working with the Foundation and docents to create a virtual historic tour. Peter Kind, President.

Watch Pete Kind talk about the Pohick Church Foundation.

Pohick Church Grounds and Building Maintenance

The present Pohick Church was completed in 1774, just before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. Vestrymen George Washington, George Mason and George William Fairfax supervised the construction. Armed with survey maps, Washington was said to have argued for the new site, two miles north of the old church, as being more centrally located. It was also situated on the highest spot in the area, recalling the biblical image of a “city set on a hill” (Matt 5:14).

It takes a lot of hard work and fortitude to maintain Pohick’s grounds and building. Junior Warden Tony Harriman and Sexton Clint Herbert work tirelessly at keeping Pohick safe and well kept for parishioners and countless visitors that visit this historic site. Email Tony Harriman or Clint Herbert for more information.