The ethos of Christian hospitality through Invite • Welcome • Connect shapes the way we welcome and assimilate others into the Body of Christ at Pohick. Most of our congregation participated in a day-long formation program that produced dozens of exciting ideas and projects for inviting, welcoming, and connecting newcomers. One of these has been the emphasis on online, virtual services and our new website, as well as improved signage and communication, quarterly Newcomer Dinners at the Rectory, and many other significant efforts to invite, welcome, and assimilate new friends. Pohick continues to grow, and to encourage young people and families in all aspects of Pohick life, leadership, and service.

Audio/Visual Evangelism Task Force

This exciting new ministry was created to develop and implement a long-term plan for producing quality audio/visual communication of virtual worship and other activities. Seeking those with gifts for audio/visual production (camera and post-production) for Sunday rotations. Marc Abrams, John Wooten

Communications: This broad ministry encompasses several aspects of Pohick’s internal and external communications, as listed below. Helen Parker, coordinator. 

Pohick Post, 6 issues a year: our newsletter with deadline for articles on the 15th of each month. Lori Buckius, editor; Deborah Hennig, Graphics.

  • Constant Contact, weekly and ongoing parish email. Send your email to adminassistant@pohick.org to be added to list.
  • Pohick 20s and 30s (targeted to young adults) Facebook page 
  • Pohick Public Relations (external newspaper/newsletter/electronic publicity)

Invite • Welcome • Connect

The essence of Christian hospitality is a foundational and core value of Pohick Church. This broad ministry of Evangelism encompasses smaller ministries within it, including: 

  • Invite (Communications, Signage, Audio/Visual Ministries)
  • Welcome(Greeters, Ushers, Welcome Bags, Fellowship, Coffee Hour, Rectory Newcomer Dinners)
    • Greeters: Greeters welcome both visitors and parishioners on Sundays, providing them with hospitality and special attention. Greeters are available to invite visitors to coffee in the Parish House, direct then to Sunday School classes, the Nursery, etc, and to introduce them to the clergy and parishioners. Becky Wagner, coordinator.
  • Connect (Name Tags, Inquirers’ Class, Activities Fair)

Invite • Welcome • Connect is always looking for new shepherds, greeters, helpers, and hosts with a spirit of hospitality (evangelism). Susanne Leon, Director; Carolyn Cockroft, Becky Wagner, Jane Thurston.

Watch Susanne Leon discuss how you can be involved in Christian hospitality.