Sermons (Page 2)

Solidarity with Jesus in the Wilderness

If you’ve travelled to the Holy Land, maybe you’ve seen the desert monastery perched precariously on the edge of a steep cliff near Jericho. You may have wondered why on earth those early monks would choose such an inhospitable, practically unreachable, place to build a place of prayer.

In one direction, all you see for miles are sand and rocks, with shimmering heat waves rippling over the horizon. Wild animals lurk there. In another direction is the distant Dead Sea, where nothing lives. …

Time Matters

Once again, rockets fly back and forth between Gaza and Israel. People are injured and killed daily, and terror reigns. We can’t help wondering if the time is coming when the rockets are finally able to reach the Holy City of Jerusalem. Some worry that Christ’s second coming is imminent. But haven’t we always, in every age? …”

Joy: The Defining Mark of a Saint

As our family toured Italy this summer, our daughters marveled over the sheer volume of paintings and sculptures of Christ and the Saints. As the girls observed their lives through generations of art and story, “the eyes of their hearts were enlightened with new wisdom and revelation.” …