“Integrity and the Mirror of Christ”

Year B, James 1:17-37 (and Mark 7:1-8) Sermon to Pohick Church 8-29-21 The Rev. Dr. Lynn Ronaldi Do you remember the collective national embarrassment we felt during the 2020 Presidential debates, when the candidates angrily maligned and shamed one another on international television? Then-Senator Biden called President Trump a “Clown,” in vitriolic response to Trump’s…

Driven into the Wilderness

It was almost exactly a year ago, on the first Sunday of Lent, that I unwittingly preached a sermon about entering into a “40-day wilderness journey.” Little did I know, we were about to embark on a desert experience on a scale like we’ve never seen in our lifetime.

Sermon • January 28, 2021

As we’re spread abroad due to social distancing guidelines, we can feel distant and disconnected at times, but Paul reminds us that we are created for a purpose and that we are connected as members of Christ.