Virtual Activities Fair

Explore our website for so many ways to become involved in our church community! Look under the Ministries tab at the top of the page to tour through the dozens of groups that are looking for you to join. You will find links to videos on our new Pohick Church Ministries YouTube channel to learn about some of the ministries that might appeal to your sense of service, even during this difficult time of the pandemic.

Like the very first Christian community described in Acts 2:42+, Pohick Church finds itself no longer worshiping, gathering, or studying the old way – and not quite settled in a new way. We are somewhere in between. This is a time of transition, and like those first Christians, we are trusting that God is present and active. An interim time, while disruptive, is often a period of profound creativity. As we remain faithful, patient, open, and willing, the Holy Spirit will continue to breathe new life into the Church day by day.

And so, the devoted staff, Vestry, and lay leaders have creatively devised ways for you to virtually stay involved in our community. If you are new to the area or even if you are familiar with everything Pohick Church has to offer, we encourage you to embrace our vision:

In a Time of Transition: Being Church With or Without Walls

Don’t see how to contact someone about a ministry? Please email Carmel Hodge,, to get more information.