Friday Fellowship

It’s time again for the monthly Friday Fellowship!  For April, we are hosting Friday Fellowship Picnic outside on the Pohick Fairgrounds. We hope you/your family can join us for part or all of Friday Fellowship on April 23 between 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm.


1) Everyone must wear a mask!

2) We have a 75 person capacity, so please sign-up if you plan to attend: Google Sign-up for Friday Fellowship.

3) To ensure minimum contact and proper health precautions, please plan to bring your own food for you/your familywe will not be able to share like in previous events.

4) If adults plan to bring “adult beverages,” every adult in the family is responsible for maintaining the security of their own alcoholic beverages to ensure they are not accessible to children.

5) Children are expected to stay in their family area. Parents/guardians are expected to take responsibility for their children. We are not currently able to provide babysitting due to social distancing protocols.

6) Come prepared to have fun and reconnect with many of the folks we haven’t seen in person for quite awhile! We hope to see many of you on Friday night!

For more information, please email Jen Crump-Strawderman,, or Pierce Prior,