Virtual 360-Degree Tour of Pohick Church, with Mt Vernon

Pohick has always enjoyed a close relationship with Mount Vernon, Gunston Hall, and other historic associations. This year, we are strengthening bonds with Mt Vernon, through a variety of shared projects. An exciting one is a Virtual 360-Degree Tour we are creating with the help of Mt Vernon. You might go to Mt Vernon’s web page to see their virtual tour.

This summer, Doug Bradburn not only graciously agreed to collaborate on this worthwhile endeavor as speaker and consultant; he offered the assistance of some of his most gifted staff! Mt Vernon Marketing VP Matt Briney is consulting on our 360 Tour and providing professional camera people and equipment.

I asked Pete Kind and the Pohick Historic Foundation to sponsor this project, and two Pohick docents are also involved: Dick Hamly has drafted a script, and Micheyl Bartholomew will assist with props and production. Speakers from Mt Vernon and Pohick will discuss various aspects of Pohick Church, beginning with my introduction bridging history with the present. I am delighted that both Doug Bradburn and Mt Vernon Ladies Association Vice-regent Ann Scott have agreed to narrate respective stories.

Meanwhile, if you shop at Mt. Vernon’s Gift Shop, look for the new tract pamphlet promoting Pohick Church Docent Tours!

Also, the Washington Presidential Library (Fred W Smith National Library) has asked me to speak at Becoming George Washington: The 2021 George Washington Symposium, November 5-6. As symposium guests view our 1732 Vestry Minutes on display, I will address George Washington’s participation and formation at Pohick Church.

~Rev. Lynn Ronaldi


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