Coffee Hour Hosts Needed!

Coffee Hour Hosts Needed!

Welcome back to church and to Fellowship & Coffee Hours!

We want to provide a great way for those attending services to reacquaint with each other and to meet new faces! We will have only one Fellowship & Coffee Hour each Sunday during the summer which will be between the two church services, so approximately 9:00 am – 10:00 am.

In order for Fellowship & Coffee Hour to be successful, we need volunteers to host! In an effort to make this easy for the volunteers and to encourage participation, we are stressing – KEEP IT SIMPLE! The guidelines currently are:

  • Coffee & hot tea, bottled water, and packaged juice for the beverages – all these supplies being provided by the Church.
  • Snacks provided by the volunteer can be pre-packaged items such as Rice Krispies treats, cookies, snack bags, etc. Can also be pre-wrapped items you prepare or place in small cups or cupcake liners. PLEASE, only a couple options per coffee hour. 

There will be times when we have special celebrations and at that time we will request food and have the feasts we are known for. 

Please consider volunteering as a Fellowship & Coffee Hour host. This can be a couple, a family, two families, or individuals working together. It is a great way to get to know folks. The more volunteers, the easier it makes it on everyone! 

Dates are listed below. There is also a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board at the bottom of the stairs in the Parish House. 

Questions? Contact Connie Myers.

Volunteers needed for the following Sundays: 

June 27

Aug 1

Sept 5 

July 4

Aug 8 

July 11

Aug 15 

July 18

Aug 22 

July 25

Aug 29