Listen to Stewardship Testimonials!

The past year has brought more challenges to Pohick Church than we could have ever imagined. But like the early Christian communities Luke highlights in Acts of the Apostles, we have met them head on and emerged stronger and with a new perspective on spreading God’s word. Clearly God has used this time of pandemic to help us see that we can spread His word whether with or without walls.

Pohick is living into the belief that the heart of community is relationship – with or without walls.

Under the resilient leadership of gifted clergy, vestry, staff and lay leaders, and with your loving and generous participation, Pohick is thriving. New and long-time Pohickians have shared inspiring testimonials about ongoing stewardship of the Pohick community.

Please click links below to listen to some of the new and insightful messages from Pohick members:

Joe and Brenna Berger

George and Ellie Crump

Mike Elston (scroll to minute marker 29:50)

Ashley Norman (scroll to minute marker 30:22)

John Pasour (scroll to minute marker 37:00)

Remember, as we transition through this difficult period, your time, talent and treasure are invaluable and necessary. Whether we gather virtually or in person, we have the privilege of preserving and growing the spiritual heritage of an amazing community of faith:

Historic Pohick Church: The Home Church of George Washington and George Mason

Embracing our Past, Welcoming in the Present, and Transforming for the Future.

In Christ’s Love,

Reverend Dr. Lynn P. Ronaldi, Rector