Update on Worshiping Inside the Church

Dear Pohickians,

On Sunday, September 20, I announced that the Diocese had approved Pohick’s submitted Inside-Church Regathering Plan, and that we’d been given the “green light” for holding services in our beautiful sanctuary on Sunday, Sept. 27.

I also said that this approval was conditional based on meeting a Diocesan-mandated health metric for the number of new cases per 100,000, according to data located on www.globalepidemics.org. The standard that Fairfax County must meet in order for us to worship inside is the lower half of the “yellow” quadrant, or in the “green” quadrant.

Unfortunately this week, new cases have risen, and we are no longer in the lower half of yellow. Therefore, we must continue worshiping outside until new cases decline once again.

Although we will NOT be able to worship inside the church building this Sunday, we WILL be allowed to celebrate the Holy Eucharist and PARTAKE in the bread OUTSIDE! We have ALL been hungering to consume the Eucharist! This is very good news!

During the Eucharist, you will be asked to wear your mask as you line up at least 6 feet apart and come to the altar one at a time to receive. I will sanitize my hands, wear a mask throughout the Eucharistic prayer, and drop the host into your hands. You’ll place your mask back on your face before returning to your seat. Of course, all attendees are pre-screened with a thermometer! The weather is predicted to be sunny and cool, and we hope to see many of you at one of the two outdoor Eucharists:

There are NO AGE restrictions, so please prayerfully discern your own risk as you decide whether to attend. There will be a few extra folding chairs and a golf cart available for assistance. Please sign up on this Google doc page, or contact Carmel Hodge at carmel.hodge@pohick.org.

I love you and miss seeing your beloved faces! We hope to see some Sunday!

In Christ’s Love,

Rev. Lynn+
The Rev. Dr. Lynn Ronaldi, Rector